buprenorphineBuprenorphine is also known as subutex.  Buprenorphine is used to treat opiate dependence or addiction to opiate drugs including but not limited to heroin and other types of narcotic painkillers.  Buprenorphine is considered a partial agonist-antagonist.  Buprenorphine prevents withdrawal symptoms when someone who has been using opiates stops taking them by producing a similar effect on the brain that the opiate would have. 

Buprenorphine comes as a sublingual tablet that is dissolved under the tongue.  These tablets are usually taken once a day.  It is important to not more or less then prescribed.  It is very important to follow the directions that the doctor has laid out for treatment with buprenorphine.  Buprenorphine will either be administered in a Detox or in an Addiction Specialists office.  

Doctors primarily will start treatments with buprenorphine in their office or they will use buprenorphine in a detox facility where they can monitor how much is being given to their patient.  When taking buprenorphine doctors will prescribe a dose that will help wean your body off of the opiates you have been abusing without you receiving any type of side effects from either the opiates or the buprenorphine.  

It is important to not inject buprenorphine sublingual tablets.  Severe reactions may happen, which can include severe withdrawal symptoms.