Crystal Meth


Crystal meth, also known as glass, Tina, and ice is another name for methamphetamine.  Crystal meth is what methamphetamine is referred to when it is in its crystalline form.  Crystal meth is a highly potent and addictive stimulant.  In 2008 13 million people over the age of 12 reported using crystal meth at some time in their life and 529,000 of those people were regular users. 

Crystal meth is usually seen being smoked, injected, snorted or swallowed.  Users of crystal meth say that they get a sense of euphoria or over-all well being when they use the drug.  This is caused by the brain being flooded with dopamine.  Dopamine is a chemical that is usually released in the brain in small doses.  When using crystal meth, dopamine is released in large amounts so that when crystal meth use is stopped the brain is deprived of dopamine, which in turn brings on depression, fatigue, and irritability of the user.  These are all signs of crystal meth withdrawal.  Although there is no real physical withdrawal from crystal meth, there is a mental one. 

There are many negative effects of crystal meth that can affect the users’ health.  These effects cause increased heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and rapid breathing, dental problems and problems sleeping.  Long term effects of crystal meth use may be anxiety disorder, mood disorder, psychotic disorder with delusions, psychotic disorder with hallucinations, and sleep disorder. 

Some users of crystal meth report feeling as if they have bugs crawling underneath their skin.  Users have reported going as far as trying to cut these bugs out, or picking them out of their skin leaving large open wounds or lesions on their skin.  Users of crystal meth are highly paranoid and agitated; they may appear to be pale, and thin because while using they have no desire to eat or sleep. 

Don’t let crystal meth take what’s left of you. 

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