Happy Birthday Wicked Sober: The One Year Anniversary

what does wicked sober meanOn the one year anniversary of Wicked Sober’s creation, we want to point out all the help we have received, all the support we have gotten from you all, and all the love we have shared with every individual we have met and come in contact with over the past 365 days. This year has been a total success because of every single person who has become a part of Wicked Sober, whether they be families, colleagues, facilities, support groups, addicts, or government officials; everyone has supported us in some way.


Wicked Sober is more than just a company it is the embodiment of an ideal; coming together as one united front to tackle the disease of addiction. Each person we meet gives meaning to the phrase “wicked sober.” 

Everything Wicked Sober has been able to do is because of you. Every single one of you. And we just want to reiterate EXACTLY how much that means to us.

We can’t do this alone.

We do this together. Without support we wouldn’t be where we are today, and without support, we, as one company wouldn’t be able to make a difference. We have received so much love and support from everyone in the Massachusetts area. We are proud, and emblazoned with the support to just keep on doing what we are doing. 

This one year anniversary is an important day for us, it is an important day for all of us. It means that what we are doing is working, that we are making a difference, and that together we can change the statistics, we can change the stigma, we can help families heal, we can help addicts heal; AND we can get every addict the help they want and so desperately need. 

Thank you all for supporting Wicked Sober. We are proud to have you behind us. Every person makes a difference and you have shown us that time and time again. Without you all we wouldn’t be here. 

So Happy Birthday Wicked Sober. Let’s make the next year even bigger than the first! 

-Wicked Sober