MarijuanaMarijuana is a dried up mixture of different part of the hemp plant known as cannabis sativa.  Marijuana has many names such as weed, pot, grass, reefer, herb and Mary Jane.  There are many ways marijuana is used; it is smoked through multiple smoking devices such as hand rolled cigarettes (joints), vaporizers,  bongs, and glass pipes to name a few.  Marijuana is also used to brew teas, make butter and can be mixed into foods. 

THC found in marijuana stimulates brain cells to release the chemical dopamine.  When this is released often feelings of euphoria and relation are felt.  Other effects that are found from marijuana smoking but vary amongst different users are heightened sensory perception, laughter, increased appetite and altered perception of time.  When the euphoria subsides users often times will feel tired or depressed.  Occasionally marijuana will produced anxiety, fear, panic or distrust in users.  Marijuana smoking impairs the formation of new memories and causes problems with focus.  People who smoke marijuana chronically report having a hard time learning and completing tasks.  Other users have reported have problems participating in sports and having their ability to operate a motor vehicle affected.  A few minutes after smoking marijuana the users heart rate speeds up, the heart rate is normally 70 to 80 beats per minute and may increase by 20 to 50 beats per minute.  When marijuana is smoked blood vessels in the eyes expand, which causes eyes to look red. 

Marijuana is considered a gateway drug.  A gateway drug is a drug that leads to the use of more dangerous drugs.  Of adults 26 or older who used marijuana before age 15, 62 percent said they went on to use cocaine at some point in their lives; 9 percent said they went on to use heroin at least once; and 54 percent have used prescription drugs in a non-medical fashion.

Marijuana is just the beginning.  For professional intervention help to stop things from spiraling out of control, call Wicked Sober today!  (855) 953-7627