The Real Truth About Why Purdue Pharmaceuticals is Applauding Banning Zohydro: Motivated by Greed

big pharmaOne of the biggest pharmaceutical companies we know of, Purdue, (also one of the most powerful) are not only the makers of Oxycontin, but also the first to applaud Massachusetts’ decision to ban Zohydro for the time being. Probably because Purdue would stand to lose profit if one of the competing pharmaceutical companies managed to make, produce and sell a different type of opiate other than their beloved Oxy. In fact, Purdue has not only applauded Mass’ move to ban the drug but is also working to make sure it doesn’t hit your pharmacy shelves while they try to figure out how to make their own version of it.

And in light of all of that mumbo and jumbo, we found out that Purdue also tries to play the “good guy” by funding recovery sites. One of the recovery sites, which you have probably heard of, A Partnership for is the biggest one. 

Just so everyone is clear Purdue is a big pharma company, and what we know about big pharma companies is not that they actually care about anything but profits. Why they are helping to fund a recovery site as well as applauding the recent hold in the state for Zohydro, makes us tilt our heads a bit and wonder. What is really the motive here? We assume it can’t be good. But it probably is good for Purdue, even if it isn’t good for us. Should Purdue be taken to court anytime in the near future for all the deaths their drug oxycontin causes, they would have plenty of ammo stating they actually do give a shit. And part of their biggest ammo is the fact that they literally help to pay for drug awareness on Oh and just a little background, Purdue has been taken to court before. And yet, the death tally attributed to OXYCONTIN continues to grow each day and in my opinion PURDUE PHARMA’s contribution to the “PARTNERSHIP” is nothing short of a legal maneuver to protect themselves in the future should wrongful death suits be filed as I said before.

Big pharma is sneaky. They are a profit motivated industry and if you don’t believe us just look into it a bit. So the next time you want to hop onto remember, that big pharma is everywhere. Anywhere that it is beneficial for them to be including a site that tries to prevent drug abuse, they will be. They will give money to a site that tries to raise awareness about the exact drugs they make. Oxycontin has been one of the sole contributors to the painkiller abuse epidemic. So don’t fall for it. This is what would be best described as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” So don’t get naive. Pay attention.

The prescription drug abuse epidemic is still in full swing and Purdue hasn’t done anything to help prevent it other than donate money to a site. They haven’t pulled their medication off the market, although they applaud when another pharma company has that happen to them. Doesn’t make any sense. As for now, this is just one more way big pharma is not only, disgustingly money hungry, but also a monster of a business that doesn’t actually try to help anyone but merely tries to profit off of them.