Rohypnol and GHB

rohypnolRohypnol, also known as “roofies” and the “date rape” drug, has been a huge concern in the United States because of its abuse as a “date rape” drug.  Rohypnol is primarily used by teenagers and young adults at raves, in night clubs and bars.  Rohypnol is often times put in people’s drinks.  It comes in a pill or tablet formation that is tasteless and odorless when mixed in a drink.  It is used against people unknowingly to incapacitate them and stop them from resisting sexual assault.  Rohypnol can be lethal when it is mixed with alcohol and other depressants. 

Rohypnol has a sedative and hypnotic effect; it causes muscle relaxation and anterograde amnesia.  Rohypnol can also be physically and psychologically addictive.  This drug is not approved for use in the United States and the importation of it is banned.  The illegal use of Rohypnol began in Europe in the 1970s before coming to the United States in the early 90’s. 

GHBThe abuse of GHB started in the United States in the 90s.  GHB is primarily abused for its sedative, euphoric and anabolic or body building affects.  Liquid GHB has also been associated with assaults throughout the country.  Liquid GHB has similar effects of Rohypnol and has been coined “liquid ecstasy,” “somatomax,” “scoop,” or “grievous bodily harm.”  Many cities poison control centers phone calls have shown problems associated with GHB use which have included loss on consciousness of users. 

GHB can cause users to seizures and end up in a coma.  When GHB is mixed with methamphetamine, there is an even greater risk of seizure.  When GHB is used with other drugs especially alcohol users can have nausea and difficulty breathing.  Withdrawal symptoms of GHB are insomnia, anxiety, tremors, and sweating.

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