“I have been working with Mike from Wicked Sober for several months. First and foremost, Mike’s compassion and accessibility have helped me through a dark period in my son’s addiction journey.  Mike went above and beyond in trying to get help for my son, despite having an HMO that would not provide coverage.  He would return calls promptly and offer alternatives that were able to get us through the critical point until my insurance changed to a PPO.  He is selfless and knowledgeable and helped my son when I just was too overwhelmed to do so.  Thanks to Mike, we are now at 40+ days sober and my son is finally in a place that he’s comfortable in his recovery.  Mike continues to check in and is always just a phone call away.  I would highly recommend reaching out to Wicked Sober because they have been Wicked Awesome and I am Wicked Grateful!”
– Gina
“The best gift I was ever given
Growing up i didn’t have it easy. I went through a lot of pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. I first became an addict at the age of 16. I did a lot of things im not proud of just to support my habit and living out of motels. 
When I was 18 years old I got pregnant and stopped the lifestyle i was used to so i could be a great mom. I got my life together and was happy. In the years following i was in repeated abusive relationships and was married with two more kids. In August 2013 my whole life was turned upside down. I felt like i was drowning. In October 2013 I began using opiates to numb my pain. It got to the point that i almost gave up custody of my 3 children to their dad. I was spiraling out of control faster than i realized. By the end of March 2014 I had become suicidal and ready to pick up a needle. I realized i hit bottom and had nothing left to lose. I didn’t care if i had overdosed anymore. I knew I was in real trouble. 
That’s when i reached out to Matt Ganem through Wicked Sober. They quickly helped me help myself. They got me into detox and rehab. I was so happy to know someone cared and truly understood what I was going through. 
I am now living a life of sobriety and am happy finally with who i am inside and out. I am no longer self medicating. I am still in early recovery but very positive and have a lot of support systems that i didn’t know even existed till i reached out to Wicked Sober and Matt Ganem. I can finally hold my head up high and be proud. If you need help and don’t know where to turn, Wicked Sober is there for ANYONE who’s willing to help themselves. All you got to do is reach out. I am forever grateful to Wicked Sober and Matt Ganem for giving me the gift of life back.”
Thank you so much!!
– Crystal A
“Wicked Sober helped me get the help I needed. Without Mike Duggan I don’t know where I would be today. He really cares about your well being and sincerely wants the best for us addicts. All it took was a phone call and before I knew it I was on my way to treatment. My life has changed for the best since I made that phone call. It’s nice to know that there is help out there. I wish there was more people like Mike around. Thanks again Wicked Sober.”

– Carlo


“I see Matt’s ambition to increase peoples awareness about substance abuse and getting help. I knew Matt from hanging out/growing up in Somerville never thinking I would have to reach out to him regarding such an issue. A family member of mine has been fighting a battle with substance abuse for many years. As a family we tried detox, outpatient suboxone clinics, even sending them out of the state. Nothing was working. I decide why not give Matt a call I’ve seen him promote himself, his poetry, and Wicked Sober through social media. Matt has been down this road my family member is currently struggling down and is now living a life of sobriety and seems very relatable. Matt reached out to my family member who has currently went through a 5 day detox into a 30 day addiction treatment center for men. Which is the most progress I have seen in a long time towards getting clean. Matt is continuously keeping in contact helping each step of the way and with his next step of getting into a sober house.”
– KK
“As a parent of an addict, I did everything possible to help my daughter.  Emergency rooms, Suboxone doctors, endless calls to detox centers with no beds, the list goes on.  My faith and hope for my daughters future was so  gone, I played out her funeral in my head more than once. Until I attended a local meeting at Learn to Cope.  I received a package with a business card for Wicked Sober and  I called the very next day. I got a call back from Mike within an hour and after some insurance queries and tweeking, we were on a plane within a week to Pompano Beach to The Florida House.  This is not just any facility, this was a detox followed by weeks of focus of trauma.  Like most our children, they just don’t start using drugs because want to.  They use to cope with depression or trauma in their life to numb the pain.  My daughters story started by use of opioid’s for many years that lead to a serious heroin problem after the passing of her 11 month old daughter to Leukemia.  She not only needed the detox from the drugs, but the therapy to deal and cope with everything that came with the guilt, shame, and ways to learn to grieve without the need to use.  She had hit rock bottom and didn’t hesitate after I showed her the website for the Florida House.  Its bright, warm and sunny and far away from the worst of memories in our hometown.  While she was at the Florida House for a little over 6 weeks, she was focused on her sobriety and decided to stay in a Sober Living environment which has proven to be the best decision of her life. Since she has left the Florida house, she just celebrated her 4 months of sobriety.  There is support from her roommates, her sponsor, her therapist from the Florida house and the many true friends who always stop what their doing to help each other.
Without Mike and his knowledge of facilities, insurance issues and appropriate placement of different types of treatments for different individuals and their specialized need, my daughter would not be the person she is today.  She has regained her faith, hope, and she has accepted God back into her life. She has regained her self esteem and his now helping others and spoke most recently at the Florida House about her experience and how positive it has been. She regained her self esteem and self worth which was missing from her life for many years.  She is happier than she has ever been and embraces the community of friends in recovery and highly respects them as peers.  She has learned to love herself and loves being sober and happy.
Mike and his team are incredible human beings and are always available to talk about any cares and concerns at any hour of the day.  He genuinely cares about each and every individual because he can relate to their stories and their struggles.  The last thing he said to me as I was leaving to return back to come home after dropping  her off in Florida was  , “A year from now, we will be having a completely different conversation with a happy ending. I truly believe Mike saved her life and we will be forever in debt for what he has done for my daughter and ultimately for our family.”

             – Kerry


  “I cannot say enough about Mike Duggan and his support organization, Wicked Sober. 
  My husband and I first met Mike and his dad, Neil, when they spoke at a Learn2Cope
  meeting last Fall (2013).  I was moved by their story and felt an immediate connection.
  At the time, our son, who is an addict in recovery, was safely living in a sober home in
  Portland Maine for the past 6 months.  I had been keeping in touch with Mike and
  referring families to him for help as warranted not knowing that we would soon be in
  crisis again with our own son following a relapse and Mike would be answering our
  cry for help with compassion, humility, and so many resources up his sleeve. 
  Within an hour of feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, Mike had found a dual diagnosis
  treatment facility for our son.  Our insurance company had already been contacted and
  approved the treatment and most importantly, Mike had spent a good part of the
  day talking to our son about his relapse assuring him that he was not alone and he
  offered him hope.  As a result, our son was on a plane the following day on his way
  down to Florida to begin the next leg of his journey in recovery which has proved
  to be a positive experience for my son and we have all been given the gift of hope.
  We will always be thankful to Mike and Wicked Sober.”
  – D & T
I am a mother of a now recovering addict.  My son is 24 and has been in recovery thanks to Mike.
The Wickedsober web page showed up out of the blue on my face book page right at the exact time I was in need for my son.  I called the number and then put my insurance information in for Mike to start searching out Rehabs for my son. 
At this point I had kicked my son out of the house for using.  He then went to the hospital where he was later transported to a mental/rehab hospital until Mike could find a Rehab facility, and for my son’s insurance to take affect, which was in a few day’s. 
Through all of this Mike kept in contact as we worked through the insurance and Rehab’s.  The time came that he was released from the mental/rehab hospital to me, I then transported him directly to the airport to begin his rehab.  Through this time I have used Mike for several addicts to get them into a rehab and out of there current location.
All of these addicts lived in Ohio and were sent to Rehabs in Florida.  Mike is like Family to me and I owe him my son’s live.  Rehab doesn’t always work the 1st or 4th time some times it takes more.  I found this out through 2 relapses my son had.  Mike was my support he helped me understand how heroin affects our kids. And when they relapse its because they have missed something in their previous rehab’s. 
Mike said its when they quit going back that there is a problem. 
Mike always made sure where ever my son was taken by his house owner of the sober house during his relapses that it was a place that was going to meet my addicts needs. 
Mike was my angel that night and still is,  God certainly put him on my Face book page just for this reason.
 I feel Mike and I have become friends even though we have never met.  I bounce ideas and rehabs centers off
of Mike for other Addicts.  We have both been on missions to find places that will take addicts that have no insurance.
Mike has helped lead me to a recovering addicts mom helping others.
Mike has touched so many lives and has gone over and beyond  and supportive to other parents I have sent to him.
He checks on our kids by calling them just to see how they are doing.  He will even try to visit them if he is in their area.  This is truly someone who cares. Who else does that.  Usually once you get to where you need to be the one that helped you are then done with you.  Not Mike He walks with you, and for that I will be internally grateful!!!
My son is currently 104 days clean and working as of 5/23/14.
– Belinda C Northeast Ohio.