What is an Intervention?

Addiction Intervention Services: Wicked Sober 

What is an Intervention?


Wicked Sober knows that not everyone is ready and willing to get clean and sober. We have found that if an addict or alcoholic doesn’t want help it is because of some from of denial. This is where an intervention comes in.


Direct Intervention

An intervention is an arranged attempt by loved ones to help an addict to seek professional help for an addiction or an event that has happened in their life. During this direct intervention a specialized person called an interventionist will have friends, family members and their sick loved one sit down together to confront the issues at hand. Most likely the interventionist from Wicked Sober will meet with the family first to go over what the plan of action will be and to prepare to sit down with sick loved one. The hope is their loved one will seek help at this point. Once a plan for the intervention is set, the idea will be to break through the denial of the addict and get them help.


Family Intervention

The family is one of the most important and emotionally persuasive tools when it comes to intervening on an addict or alcoholic’s use. A family intervention with the help of Wicked Sobers’ certified interventionists is one of the most effective tools in getting sick loved one’s the help they so desperately need. During a family intervention with Wicked Sober, a certified interventionist will mediate but will also allow the family to play a large role in emotionally moving the addict or alcoholic to get help. While addicts and alcoholics may not get help based on their own knowledge of their drug use, they may get help after hearing how they have affected not only themselves but also their family members and close loved ones. In some instances it may be necessary for the family members to offer an ultimatum or consequences if the sick loved one doesn’t get help. A certified interventionist from Wicked Sober can help come up with appropriate consequences and what will be effective in moving the addict or alcoholic towards getting help.


Crisis Intervention

Crisis interventions are often employed when time is of the essence. Hence, why it is called a crisis intervention. Wicked Sober provides crisis interventions for addicts and alcoholics who may be in a time of immediate crisis due to a mental health condition and also their drug use or drinking. In dire situations where a loved one may be a danger to themselves or others, the certified interventionists at Wicked Sober can help to persuade a loved one to get help. In certain scenarios if the sick loved one absolutely refuses to get help, a certified interventionist during a crisis intervention may think it is best to utilize legal services. These legal services can require the addict or alcoholic to be assessed and put into an institutionalized setting until the crisis is over involuntarily. Wicked Sober provides crisis interventions for anyone with issues such as:


·      Alcoholism

·      Drug addiction

·      Prescription drug addiction

·      Depression

·      Anxiety

·      Schizophrenia

·      Addictive behaviors like gambling or sex addiction




Indirect Intervention

Wicked Sober also provides indirect interventions. An indirect intervention is where the interventionist works directly with the family. The interventionist will teach them tools to deal with the situation they are in amongst encouraging them to stop enabling their sick loved one so that they can be more effective in helping their loved one get better as well. Most people don’t realize it but addiction is a family disease. And where other interventions may not take this into account, Wicked Sober knows the importance of not only the addict getting well, but also everyone who has been affected by that person’s addiction. Wicked Sober has personal experience dealing with addiction. In fact the majority of staff has either had a loved one in active addiction or has recovered from addiction themselves. A Wicked Sober interventionist will also work one on one with the families’ sick loved ones, sharing their own experiences and hope; guiding them down a better road.


How Wicked Sober Interventions are Different

The help of our services at Wicked Sober won’t end once the intervention does. Wicked Sober will be there with you every step of the way to not only provide tangible support in the form of check-ins and accountability, but also to share in your recovery. Wicked Sober succeeds when you do.


Wicked Sober has been very effective in breaking through addict’s and alcoholic’s denial with interventions. Often time’s people who seemed totally unwilling to get sober are ready to get help by the time the intervention is over. We attribute our success towards not only our experience in the addiction field but also to our ability to just sit down with families and addicts and get real about the situation.